Shayla & Tiffany

In 2010, we discussed starting our own business and came up with various ideas that never came to fruition. During the height of the pandemic, our normal best friend conversation turned into how dreadful virtual work meetings were without our lashes. Salons had closed and when they reopened, we still didn't feel safe going in for services.

Many women discussed their difficulty applying strip lashes or not being able to wear falsies due their sensitivity to lash glue, or the damage lash glue can cause to natural eyelashes.

We needed a quick fix immediately. A light bulb went off, "Why don't we start our own lash brand!" Our prayers finally manifested.  While developing our brand, we wanted a name that was unique and symbolized best friends. The word bezzie immediately came to mind. When the definition for bezzie returned "a person's best or closest friend", the Bezzie brand was born!

We plan to use our platform to encourage all women, especially women of color to embrace your beauty and be happy with the skin you are in. We also want to celebrate the beauty of best friends. Best friends are special. They always have your back and are your personal cheerleader in everyday life. Let everyone know, My Bezzie Is Better Than Yours!


Shayla & Tiffany